Tuesday, 12 March 2013

HI everyone, or who ever sees this. my new blog is acotaco.blogspot.ca so you can find me there. since i am now ready to start blogging again i could post at least twice a month but not a lot, and the posts are not going to be American Girl anymore. they will be about other things and my thought and...ya.
so if you read this thanks for doing that and i'll be back soon.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hi Again!!!!!!

Hello again...no I am not dead! I am just finding it very hard to blog anymore. I am at the stage where I'm deciding that my blog is not getting anywhere and I seem like I'm the only person viewing my own blog and I'm at the point where I'm deciding blogging isn't really my thing.

I might have another use in this world and making a blog doesn't seem like it so there may still be an occasional post so if you follow you will be notified about it but other than that my intrest in AG is slowly fading into a collector and the occasional play time. I really enjoyed my time blogging and I might open another blog. Also I will be putting up a poll.

See ya

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Guest Post By Emma

  Hi! My name is Emma and I am from the blog called something beautiful. I am 13 years old and I love Jesus, reading, running, and, of course, blogging! I won the last contest, so here I am doing my first ever guest post! I guess I’ll show you some really cool pictures of a dragonfly that I captured a few days ago:

Download 001.JPG (496.8 KB)Download 002.JPG (509.0 KB)Download 004.JPG (496.8 KB)

     My favorite of these three, has to be the one looking straight down at it, I never realized the eyes of a dragonfly, I mean if you look at them, they're sky blue! While I was outside, I  also took a couple pictures of a flower. (Sorry, no bugs invovled. :D )

 Download 005.JPG (460.4 KB)Download 006.JPG (456.2 KB)

So that’s a tid-bit of what you would see on my blog, if you liked this post, my blog is at: http://somethingbeautifulag.blogspot.com/
-Emma :D
This is Emma from this blog, sorry about the pictures being side by side it wouldn't work any other way.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I am not dead.

As the title says I am not dead, I have just simply not posted in a while we have been on vacation and I have been at camps. Anyway if you read karenmomofthreescraft.blogspot.ca you may have seen a post she did on doll stocking stuffers. You also may have seen the post she did on doll belts from a reader named Emma Christina, well that Emma Christina was me! YES IT WAS!!!
Ok now you may be thinking I'm lying but I'm not.

Anyway I am sorry about not posting and1am going to announce the winner of the photo contest and since I only received one entry which was from Emma she is the winner.

Emma I will be contacting you soon with details about your prize! I will keep her photo up on the photo contest page for all to see.

Now for the photo story contest well nobody seems to really be interested so if I don't receive an entry by next thurs. I will write the rest myself.

For the Doll Guess the hint is she has grey on too. It is pretty obvious now so let the guessing begin.

School starts for me in a while so I am getting ready.

I'll post soon.
Emma Christina